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Protecting Free Speech in Medicine

Christina Sandefur March 29, 2017

Under federal law, pharmaceutical companies can be charged with a crime simply for telling a doctor about a legal, alternative use for an approved treatment. Sadly, government routinely censors the communication of valuable and truthful information that could help improve – and even save – people’s lives.

This changed in Arizona last week when Governor Doug Ducey signed HB 2382, a new state law that safeguards the free speech rights of those in the medical field to share truthful research and information about alternative uses for FDA-approved medicines. [Read More]

State Courts & AGs

State Court Docket Watch News Clips: 9/29/2016

Zach Mayo September 29, 2016
  • The attorneys general of Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Nevada have filed a lawsuit challenging the Obama Administration's decision to allow the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ("ICANN") to become independent. It is currently overseen by the Department of Commerce. The lawsuit challenges the administration's decision on constitutional and Administrative Procedure Act grounds. Read the press release here and the complaint here.

State Courts & AGs

State Court Docket Watch News Clips: 5/3/2016

Zach Mayo May 03, 2016
  • Governor Nathan Deal of Georgia is expected to sign an expansion of the state's supreme court from seven to nine justices. Read more at The Atlanta Journal Constitution.
  • The Arizona legislature also passed an expansion of the state's supreme court. If Governor Doug Ducey signs the measure, it would move the court from five to seven justices. In addition to the the high court, the bill would expand state probation funding and increase judicial pay. Read more at ABC 15.

State Courts & AGs

New Jersey Supreme Court - State Court Docket Watch News Clips: 7/30/2015

State Court Docket Watch News Clips: 1/6/2016

Zach Mayo January 06, 2016
  • Arizona's Governor Doug Ducey has appointed Clint Bolick to the state's supreme court. Bolick had served as the vice president of litigation for the Goldwater Institute until the appointment; he previously worked in government posts and as a litigator and co-founder of the Institute for Justice. Read more at The Arizona Daily Star.
  • Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore issued an administrative order barring probate judges from issuing same-sex marriage licenses, saying that these licenses contradict a still-operative state constitutional ban on such unions. Read more at
  • The Washington Times published an overview of the state of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court as three new justices are sworn in this week.