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The Danger Posed by the Growing Administrative State

Randolph J. May August 09, 2017

My commentary, “The Danger Posed by the Growing Administrative State,” published in the Washington Times on August 2, began this way:

Talk of the “deep state” is much in the air these days. To some, the deep state refers to what they see as a conspiratorial intelligence community leaking secrets. To others, the deep state refers to what they see as an out-of-control bureaucracy out to bury – or at least trump – President Trump’s initiatives.

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Separation of Powers, Essential to Liberty, Is Under Attack by John C. Eastman

House Holds Hearing on the Power of the Purse

Timothy Courtney December 06, 2016

The R Street Institute has details on a recent House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing:

The House Oversight and Government Reform, Subcommittee on Government Operations and
Healthcare, Benefits, and Administrative Rules convened a hearing on the power of the purse on December 1, 2016. It is an important topic.

The power of the purse is a fundamental legislative authority. It is an authority that aims to limit executive power, encourage agency accountability to elected officials, and curb corruption.

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Texas Chapters Conference panels rundown

Merritt Lander September 28, 2016

The Texas Chapter of the Federalist Society held its second annual chapter conference on September 17 in Austin, Texas. The theme of the weekend was “The Separation of Powers in the Administrative State.”

The Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton opened the event with vigor. He led with a well-received quip, stating that he “doesn’t mind living here in Austin, because it’s not that far from Texas.” He then went on to speak regretfully on the number of laws that continue to proliferate, and the incoherency of those laws. In conclusion, he said, “I’ll call agency deference what it is: unconstitutional.” [Read More]