Call for Papers: Fed Soc 2018 Faculty Conference

The Federalist Society is pleased to invite paper submissions for consideration for possible presentation at our annual Faculty Conference: (1) We invite all faculty to submit Works in Progress to be considered for presentation during seven-minute time slots at one or more sessions set aside during the conference for this purpose. (2) We invite paper submissions for the Young Legal Scholars Paper Competition, limited to unpublished papers by junior faculty members who have been in tenure-track positions for no more than 7 years. Young scholars who have not yet obtained their first academic appointments are also welcome to submit papers for consideration. The deadline for submissions to the Young Legal Scholars Paper Competition as been extended through Friday, August 25, 2017. Click HERE for information about how to submit papers.

Junior Faculty Workshops: Request for Proposals

Junior Faculty Workshops are intended to provide a structured—but relatively informal—environment in which six or so junior faculty members (people who have been in tenure-track positions no more than seven years) from different law schools can gather to spend a day workshopping each others’ papers, followed by a group meal. The faculty member who proposes the workshop is responsible for organization and execution, as well as advising participants of the budget limitations and ensuring that the workshop stays within budget. Where the participants are in relatively close geographical proximity, the maximum budget will generally be $1,000. Where some degree of air/rail travel and lodging will be necessary, we may increase the budget to as much as $3,000 to help defray travel costs.

We invite all interested junior faculty members to submit a workshop proposal HEREApplications are accepted on a rolling basis

Support Funds for Presentation of Junior Scholarship

Support Funds are intended to defray travel costs for junior scholars (people who have been in tenure-track positions no more than seven years, academic fellows, visiting assistant professors, or doctoral candidates pursuing a career in legal academia ) to help enable them to present their work at workshops or conferences outside their home institution. Proposals must be submitted no later than four weeks before the conference or event in question. Absent extraordinary circumstances, the maximum award will generally be $750. Funds will be disbursed via reimbursement upon presentation of receipts, and will be limited to the lesser of the total receipts presented or the award amount.

We invite all interested junior scholars to apply HERE. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, with decisions made in four weeks or less from the date of submission.

2017 Paul M. Bator Award

The Paul M. Bator Award recognizes a young academic, under the age of 40, whose life, work, and ideals most closely embody those of the late Paul M. Bator. Created in 1989, the award was established to honor the memory of the late University of Chicago Law School professor and his lifetime of achievement. The award will be presented at the Society's annual National Student Symposium each year. Nominations should be submitted to the National Office of The Federalist Society by September 9, 2016. Click HERE for more information on how to nominate someone for this award.

Call for Papers -- Junior Scholars Colloquium

The Junior Scholars Colloquium provides eight junior faculty members with the opportunity to present competitively selected, unpublished papers and receive comments from more senior faculty members to help improve their scholarship. A junior faculty member whose paper is selected for the colloquium will be expected to participate as a junior scholar, and will receive a prize of approximately $1,000. Submissions must be received by 5:00 PM Eastern Time on Friday, February 17, 2017Click HERE for information about how to make a submission.

Olin-Searle-Smith Fellows in Law (Full-Time)

The Olin-Searle-Smith Fellows in Law program will offer top young legal thinkers the opportunity to spend one to two years working full time on writing and developing their scholarship with the goal of entering the legal academy. Stipends will include $60,000 plus benefits. While details will be worked out with the specific host school for the Fellow, in general the Fellow will be provided with an office and will be included in the life of the school. All applications for the Olin-Searle-Smith Fellows in Law are due by March 15, 2017. Click HERE for more information on how to apply for this program.

Part-Time Fellowships

The Federalist Society may award one or more part-time fellowships designed to assist prospective legal academics to develop their scholarship on a part-time basis. Our objective is to help the part-time fellow develop publishable papers while remaining employed in a law firm or the government. To that end we are soliciting proposals from interested applicants. Fellows will receive a small stipend either in installments or as a lump sum upon completion of a draft paper. The amount of the stipend will vary in part depending on the amount of time the fellow commits to the fellowship, with a substantial amount of the stipend payable upon completion of the paper. Applications should be received no later than March 15, 2017. Click HERE for information about how to apply for this program

James Kent Summer Academy

The Federalist Society’s James Kent Summer Academy is a program for law students and recent graduates who demonstrate strong potential for being leaders among a future generation of legal scholars. Participants will have an opportunity to engage in academic discourse, to learn about an academic career track, to deepen their understanding of key ideas about the law, the founding period, originalism, religious liberty, and markets and the law, and to receive personalized career planning and publishing guidance. All applications for the James Kent Summer Academy are due by March 31, 2017. Click HERE for more information on how to apply to this program.