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David Boaz on The Libertarian Mind

Silicon Valley Lawyers Chapter March 31, 11:30 AMMacArthur Park
27 University Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94301


  • David Boaz, Executive Vice President, The Cato Institute, author of The Libertarian Mind:  A Manifesto on Freedom


  • Chris Pareja, CEO of Flyplist

The Texas Constitution and Its Bill of Rights

South Texas Student Chapter March 31, 04:00 PMEmilie Slohm Dining Room, 6th floor library
Houston, TX 77002


  • Justice Michael Massengale, Texas First Court of Appeals
  • Professor Rocky Rhodes, South Texas Law

Net Neutrality

Northern Illinois Student Chapter April 01, 12:00 PMDekalb, IL 60115


  • Professor Patrick Garry, South Dakota Law
  • TBA

Patent Agreements, Patent Validity, and the Supreme Court

Intellectual Property Practice Group Courthouse Steps Teleforum April 01, 01:00 PMFederalist Society Teleforum Conference Call

In two separate cases to be argued this week, the U.S. Supreme Court will continue to provide close oversight, often with critical disagreement, of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in the area of patent law. The Supreme Court will decide whether a patentee’s use of a royalty agreement that projects beyond the expiration date of the patent is unlawful per se. In a second case, the Court will determine whether a defendant's belief that a patent is invalid is a defense to induced infringement. Our expert will be on hand to hear the oral arguments and then report to our Teleforum audience.

  • Prof. Gregory Dolin, Co-director, Center for Medicine and Law, University of Baltimore School of Law

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