Hon. James E. Tierney

Director of the National State Attorneys General Program, Columbia Law School

James TierneyJames E. Tierney is the Director of the National State Attorneys General Program, at Columbia Law School, where he has also taught as a Lecturer-in-Law since the fall of 2000.

Tierney served as the Attorney General of Maine from 1980 until 1990. He currently practices as a consultant to attorneys general and others regarding state regulatory structures and multi-state initiatives. Tierney is a graduate of the University of Maine and its School of Law. During his ten years as Attorney General of Maine, Tierney played an active role in the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG), including service on NAAG's Executive Board and various committees. Both while in office and since he left, Tierney has instructed newly elected state attorneys general on the effective performance of their office. Tierney has held a variety of special appointments, including serving as Special Counsel to the Attorney General of Florida, during the contested 2000 Presidential election; and membership on the Federal Trade Commission's Advisory Committee on On-Line Access and Security (2000). He has served as a Special Prosecutor in Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Vermont and on behalf of NAAG has authored an analysis of the operations of state grand jury practice throughout the United States. Tierney has been a Wasserstein Fellow at Harvard Law School and has guest lectured at many law schools about the office of state attorney general. He has also taught at both Boston College Law School, Northeastern Law School and the University of Maine School of Law. He has served on the Board of both the American Judicature Society and was a member of the Board of Commentators of the Courtroom Television Network where appeared regularly as a guest. In April of 2006, Professor Tierney was selected as the Public Interest Professor of the Year. This award, which is given to the faculty member or administrator who has most supported and inspired a significant portion of the public interest law student community, is selected by a vote of students.

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