Randolph J. May

President, The Free State Foundation

Mr. May is President of The Free State Foundation. The Free State Foundation is an independent, non-profit Maryland-based free market-oriented think tank.


From October 1999-May 2006, May was a Senior Fellow and Director of Communications Policy Studies at The Progress & Freedom Foundation, a Washington, DC-based think tank. Prior to joining PFF, he practiced communications, administrative, and regulatory law as a partner at major national law firms. From 1978 to 1981, May served as Assistant General Counsel and Associate General Counsel at the Federal Communication Commission.


May has held numerous leadership positions in bar associations, and he is a past Chair of the American Bar Association’s Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice.  Mr. May also served as Public Member of the Administrative Conference of the United States.


Mr. May has written regular columns on legal and regulatory affairs for Legal Times and the National Law Journal, leading national legal periodicals.  He has published more than one hundred articles and essays on communications, administrative and constitutional law topics. In addition, he is the co-editor of two books, Net Neutrality or Net Neutering: Should Broadband Internet Services Be Regulated? and Communications Deregulation and FCC Reform.


Mr. May is an adjunct professor of law at George Mason University School of Law. He received his A.B. from Duke University and his J.D. from Duke Law School, where he serves as a member of the Board of Visitors.

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