Mr. William Perry Pendley

President and Chief Operating Officer, Mountain States Legal Foundation

William Perry Pendley is president and chief operating officer of Mountain States Legal Foundation and has litigated against the United States at the U.S. Supreme Court and numerous federal courts of appeal. Mr. Pendley is a former Marine officer, Capitol Hill lawyer, and Reagan administration official.

His most recent book is Sagebrush Rebel: Reagan's Battle with Environmental Extremists and Why It Matters Today, the fascinating story of how Ronald Reagan, self-proclaimed "sagebrush rebel," took his revolutionary energy policies to Washington and revitalized the American economy.

In Warriors for the West: Fighting Bureaucrats, Radical Groups, and Liberal Judges on America’s Frontier, Mr. Pendley puts human faces on Westerners’ historic and often precedent-setting fights against environmental laws, “lying and cheating” bureaucrats and their ethically challenged lawyers, seizure of “private Property” for “public use” without “just compensation,” and more. Mr. Pendley is also author of War on the West: Government Tyranny on America’s Great Frontier and It Takes A Hero: The Grassroots Battle Against Environmental Oppression.

Born and raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming, he received B.A. and M.A. degrees in Economics and Political Science from George Washington University in Washington, D.C. He was a captain in the United States Marine Corps, after which he received his J.D. from the University of Wyoming College of Law, where he was Senior Editor on Land and Water Law Review. He served as an attorney to former Senator Clifford P. Hansen (R-Wyoming) and to the House Interior and Insular Affairs Committee. During the Reagan Administration, he served as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy and Minerals of the Department of Interior, where he authored President Reagan’s National Minerals Policy and Exclusive Economic Zone proclamation. He was a consultant to former Secretary of the Navy John F. Lehman, Jr., and was engaged in the private practice of law in the Washington, D.C. area before his return to the West in 1989. He is admitted to practice law in Wyoming, Colorado, Washington, D.C., and Virginia.

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