The Arthur N. Rupe Debate Series 2010-2011

Student Division

The Arthur N. Rupe Foundation has generously partnered with The Federalist Society to support debates and lectures sponsored by the Society’s student chapters at law schools across America. These programs touch on many of the most important questions in contemporary legal discourse.

--Ted Frank of the Manhattan Institute and Prof. William Corbett of LSU Law on hot coffee, obesity, and prank phone calls at LSU

--Ray LaJeunesse of the Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation v. Ron Patenaude of UAW Local 2322 on forced unionism and the 1st Amendment at Western New England

--Mark Perry of Gibson Dunn v. Joe Sellers of Cohen Milstein on class action abuse and workers' rights at UVA

--Christina Hoff Sommers of the American Enterprise Institute v. Prof. Vicki J. Limas of Tulsa Law on the pay gap myth at Tulsa Law


With generous support from

Arthur N. Rupe Foundation