Military Commissions Act

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  • To read a paper in support of the Military Commissions Bill written by a group of prominent conservatives, click HERE.
  • The President held a press conference to discuss the creation of military commissions to try suspected terrorists. A copy of his speech can be found HERE.
  • Andrew C. McCarthy called the measure “entirely appropriate” and argues that it does not violate detainees’ rights HERE.
  • James Jay Carafano of the Heritage Foundation urged Congress to compromise with the President and pass the bill. His arguments can be found HERE.


  • Katherine Newell Bierman, the Counterterrorism Counsel for the Human Rights Watch, testified in front of the Senate Committee on Armed Services. To read a copy of her opening statement, click HERE. (PDF)
  • Professor Neal K. Katyal of Georgetown Law School also argued against the commissions in front of the Committee. His opening statement can be found HERE. (PDF)
  • The Center for American Progress’ Mark Agrast called the bill a “travesty.” To read two columns by Mr. Agrast click HERE and HERE.
  • The Editorial Board of the Washington Post was concerned about the bill, click HERE.