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The Templeton Debate and Lecture Series on Freedom 2009-2010

Student Division

The John Templeton Foundation has generously partnered with The Federalist Society to support debates and lectures sponsored by the Society’s student chapters at law schools across America. These programs touch on many of the most important questions in contemporary legal discourse.

The Federalist Society is pleased to provide audio and visual recordings of the following representative Templeton-supported programs sponsored by student chapters in the past school year.


--MPAA's John Malcolm on digital piracy at UCLA (Windows Media Video)

--Prof. Steven Hetcher v. Anthony J. Rose, Meitus Gelbert Rose LLP on the Google Books settlement at Indiana-Bloomington

--Prof. Adam Mossoff v. Prof. David Opderbeck on copyright law at Seton Hall

--John Malcolm v. Beth Cate on film piracy and the Pirate Bay cases at Indiana-Bloomington


--Doug Bandow, Cato Institute v. Chuck Pennachio, on health care reform at Penn State

--Prof. Ilya Somin v. Prof. Saul Levmore on Kelo and eminent domain at the University of Chicago (MP3)

--Prof. Stephen Bainbridge v. Prof. John Hart on the bailouts at UC-Berkeley (MP4 video)

--Prof. Jonathan Adler v. Prof. Richard Pierce on federalism and the environment at George Washington University (Windows Media Video)

--Prof. Walter Block v. Prof. Richard Squire on government intervention in financial markets at Fordham (Windows Media Video)

--Doug Bandow, Cato Institute; Prof. Neville Cox; Prof. David Fidler on health care reform at Indiana-Bloomington

--Fred Smith, Competitive Enterprise Institute v. Prof. Martin Spechler on the financial crisis at Indiana-Bloomington

--Prof. Richard Epstein v. Dean William Treanor on regulatory takings at Fordham

--Prof. Todd Henderson v. Prof. Donna Nagy on securities fraud at Indiana-Bloomington


--Doug Bandow, Cato Institute v. Rob Boston of Americans United on the role of government in public life at Louisville

--Kevin J. Hasson, The Becket Fund v. Prof. Marci A. Hamilton on the elimination of conscience clauses at Fordham


--Prof. Richard Epstein on natural law in ancient and modern guise at Georgetown

--Prof. Charles Kesler on progressivism and the Constitution at the University of Richmond

--Dr. Matthew Spalding on self-government and the Founders' Constitution at Fordham



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The John Templeton Foundation

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