International Law & American Sovereignty


The Treatment of Intellectual Property Under The Law of the Sea Treaty

An Outline
Howard J. Klein March 24, 2007

1. The Area: The portion of the seabed outside any national jurisdiction (Article 1, section 1).
2. The International Seabed Authority: Referred to as “the Authority.” All member states are members of the Authority (Article 156, section 2).
3. The Enterprise: The “organ of the Authority which shall carry out activities in the Area” (Article 170, section 1).

NAFTA, Sovereignty and Tradeoffs

Damara Griffith March 24, 2007
This paper provides an overview of NAFTA and the tensions that exist between American sovereignty and the promotion of free trade and investment under NAFTA. Part II defines sovereignty as the term is used in this paper. Part III reviews the history of NAFTA, including the negotiation process and the incentives behind the Agreement and then gives a brief overview of the terms of NAFTA. Part IV examines three of the most controversial aspects of NGO participation in NAFTA. Finally, Part V outlines NAFTA’s investment protection mechanisms and considers key case studies illustrating some of the tradeoffs that have been made between NAFTA and American sovereignty.