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NOTE 3/9/2012: The Federalist Society is pleased to announce the launch of, a new website that focuses on judicial selection in state high courts. This comprehensive site features an overview of each state's high court method of selection, news, scholarship, polls, and Federalist Society resources. Visit our new site and click on the interactive map to learn about your state's method of judicial selection.

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The Federalist Society, in an effort to bring to increased dialogue to the issue of state constitutional jurisprudence, has launched a bibliography of important scholarship, noteworthy cases, and timely law review articles for state supreme court justices and others interested in state courts issues. The articles and opinions noted below will shed further insight into how state courts should engage in the business of interpreting state constitutional provisions and state judicial selection. We hope these resources will bring increased attention and interest to state court jurisprudence and will help to shed light on good models of case law for settling jurisprudential disputes.

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2014 Civil Justice Update

Federalist Society White Paper
Emily Kelchen April 22, 2015

This paper recaps important legal developments in the civil justice movement that occurred in 2014. Part I focuses on broad trends, Part II provides an overview of new legislation, and Part III highlights court cases from across the country that either strike down previously adopted reforms or adopt novel legal theories of interest to reformers. [Read Now]

State Court Docket Watch December 2014

New Edition of State Court Docket Watch
December 11, 2014

In an effort to increase dialogue about state court jurisprudence, the Federalist Society presents State Court Docket Watch. This newsletter is one component of the State Courts Project, presenting original research on state court jurisprudence and illustrating new trends and ground-breaking decisions in the state courts....[Read Now!]

Recent Decisions of the Supreme Court of North Carolina

State Courts White Paper
Adam Conrad, Robert T. Numbers, Bradley Lingo, Wm. Grayson Lambert September 16, 2014
Recent Decisions of the Supreme Court of North Carolina

This paper aims to inform North Carolinians about some of the important cases decided in recent years by the state’s supreme court. It discusses eight recent cases separated into four categories: constitutional law, election law, business law, and criminal law. Some of these cases highlight differences in judicial philosophy among members of the court. [Read Now]

History and Recent Developments in Same-Sex Marriage Litigation

State Courts Project White Paper
Austin R. Nimocks May 28, 2014

The purpose of this paper is to provide a comprehensive national survey of recent cases regarding same-sex marriage laws. The cases span over half the states and are being litigated in both federal and state courts. We hope this paper serves as a useful reference and guide to any questions you may have about the legal landscape of same-sex marriage. [Read Now]