2016 Civil Justice Update

White Paper
Andrew C. Cook September 12, 2017

Andrew Cook discusses how states continued to enact meaningful civil liability reforms throughout 2016. Part I of this paper discusses the most significant civil justice reforms enacted at the state level, including asbestos bankruptcy trust claim transparency legislation. Part II discusses significant state court decisions addressing civil liability, including three cases handed down in 2016 addressing the collateral source rule. [Read Now]

2015 Civil Justice Update

White Paper
Mark A. Behrens, Christopher Appel August 01, 2016

This paper recaps key civil justice reforms that occurred in 2015. Part I focuses on broad trends, Part II provides an overview of federal and state reforms adopted in 2015, and Part III highlights key court cases in 2015 that addressed civil justice and liability law issues. [Read Now]

Resale Price Maintenance & State Law Holdups

White Paper
David S. Olson February 23, 2016

In this paper, David S. Olson discusses the legal status of resale price maintenance agreements, arguing that the practice is not anti-competitive and that states should lift their per se bans on the practice in the wake of the Supreme Court's Leegin decision. [Read Now]