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Supreme Court Building at dusk
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Article I Initiative Constitution Day Series: The Importance and Dangers of an Independent Judiciary

Linda A. Kerns September 21, 2017

The fourth and final essay in the Philadelphia Inquirer's Constitution Day series addresses Article III judges and the intent of the Framers of the Constitution to create an independent judiciary. Former Circuit Judge Michael W. McConnell outlines the brilliance of the design of our Article III courts but also highlights the threats to a dispassionate judiciary from political wrangling, the administrative state and judges who encroach upon duties that should be reserved for the legislative and executive branch. Anyone with even a passing familiarity of the ongoing confirmation hearings for President Trump's nominations to the Circuit and District Courts will appreciate the timeliness of this thought provoking piece.  [Read More]


Article I Initiative Constitution Day Series: A Powerful but Accountable Executive

Linda A. Kerns September 20, 2017

In the birthplace of our nation, historical reminders of the Constitution surround modern day Philadelphians, to the point where the landmarks fade into the background. The irony of the genius of the Constitution lies in its success: most citizens remain blissfully unaware of the details that keep their government in check to guarantee their freedoms.

The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Federalist Society joined together to produce a series of essays to invite citizens to dig a little deeper into understanding the formation of the their government. This essay, the third in the series, by Professor John Yoo and Saikrishna Prakash, invites you to consider the awesome power of the presidency along with the inherent limitations that protect us from the whim and caprice of an individual.  [Read More]


Article I Initiative Constitution Day Series: Dangers of Legislative Atrophy

Nathan Kaczmarek September 19, 2017

The second piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer's Constitution Day Series is about the Legislative branch and is authored by distinguished fellow at the Hudson Institute and Article I participant Christopher DeMuth.

DeMuth argues, that while Congress has been less central than the Founders intended, it still has been essential to the success and durability of American government. He also warns that the decades long decline of the institution threatens to "imperil the constitutional order we all depend on."  [Read More]



Article I Initiative Constitution Day Series: Separation of Powers

Nathan Kaczmarek September 18, 2017

This week the Philadelphia Inquirer is celebrating the 230th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution with four articles from Federalist Society and Article I Initiative experts which highlight the separation of powers and the first three articles of our founding document.

The first essay, written by senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation, Hans von Spakovsky examines the separation of powers as fundamental to governmental accountability, maintaining the unique form of our government, and preserving liberty. 

  [Read More]