State Court Docket Watch News Clips: 10/5/2015

Compliance Nightmare Looms for Baltimore Police Department

February 08, 2017

In my January 4, 2017 post titled “Will Trump Have the First Numerate Administration?,” I discussed Department of Justice (DOJ) actions regarding police practices in Baltimore, Maryland in the context of the longstanding situation where federal civil rights law enforcement policies have been based on an understanding of statistics that is the opposite of reality. Specifically, with regard to matters including lending, school discipline, employment, criminal justice, and voting, many government policies have been premised on the belief that relaxing standards or otherwise reducing the frequency of adverse outcomes tends to reduce (a) relative (percentage) racial and other demographic differences in rates of experiencing those outcomes and (b) the proportions more susceptible groups make up of persons experiencing the outcomes. In fact, generally reducing any outcome tends to increase, not decrease, (a) and (b).

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State Court Docket Watch News Clips: 9/15/2015
Photo Credit: "Pittsburgh Police Vehicles" by John Marino via Wikimedia Commons (link)

Report Finds Strong Potential for Foot Patrol as a Policing Change Agent

Police Foundation October 18, 2016

September 14, 2016 – Washington, D.C. – Arguably, nothing is more important in policing today than gaining and holding the trust of the community, particularly those most affected by crime and violence. Today, the Police Foundation, with generous support from the Charles Koch Foundation, is releasing a new report that provides real-life examples and optimism for how foot patrol can help law enforcement officers and agencies reconnect and build strong, mutually supportive relationships with their communities. [Read More]